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AtHigh Roller Car Wash, we know it's not good enough to get your car clean on the outside.  Our additional services give you the tools you need to clean your interior until it sparkles!

  • Twelve vacuum stations starting at 75¢
  • Two shampoo stations for carpet and upholstery starting at $2
  • Two spot removers for tough carpet and upholstery stains starting at $2 
  • Two air stations for tires starting at 50¢
  • One fragrance station starting at $1 with Georgia Peach, Wild Cherry, and Piña Colada scents
  • Change station for quarters (accepts $1, $5, and $10 bills)
  • Four vending machines for miscellaneous items including:
    • Nu-Towel Blue-Shams all-fiber folded blue towels for 75¢
    • Armor All Original Protectant sponge for $1
    • Armor All Multi-Purpose Cleaner sponge for $1
    • Armor All 4 oz Tire Foam spray can for $2
    • Armor All 4 oz Original Protectant spray bottle for $2
    • Glass Cleaner pre-moistened towel for $1
    • Rain Vision rain repellent for glass for $1 
    • Blackjack Tire Cleaner sponge for $1
    • Just for Leather Cleaner with new car scent for $1
    • Just for Leather Conditioner with new car scent for $1
    • MoistWipe lemon fresh all-purpose pre-moistened towel for $1
    • Fragrance spray bottles in New Car, Wild Cherry, and Vanilla scents for $2 each
    • Fragrance trees in a variety of scents for 75¢


3835 W Central Ave
Wichita, KS  67203

Home Services Location Specials Image Gallery